© Kiliii Yuyan
© Donna Garcia
© Jeremy Dennis
© Meryl McMaster

ACP Collaboration: Spirit – Focus on Indigenous Arts, Artists, and Issues

Featuring work by: Jeremy Dennis, Donna Garcia, Pat Kane, Meryl McMaster, Shelley Niro, Kali Spitzer & Bubzee, Will Wilson, Kiliii Yuyan

This online exhibition, in collaboration with Lenscratch and NCCHR, will focus on the history of issues indigenous people have faced and consider how allyship and advocacy make a difference in present day issues indigenous populations still face.

As written by the curator, Donna Garcia: "this initiative should educate the public, through lens-based art, regarding the true history of indigenous people and recruit allies/advocates for indigenous issues everywhere, but with a specific focus on the US and Canada, where native lands and people аre still coming under attack everyday."

In celebration of 2020 Indigenous Peoples Day, join a virtual conversation with several of the photographers featured in the exhibit hosted by the NCCHR on Monday, Oct 12 at noon.

Online: Artist's Talk Nov 12 7:00PM

Hosted by Atlanta Photography Group.