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ACP Spotlight Series: Arvin Temkar

Featuring work by: Arvin Temkar

(This year’s Spotlight on Local Talent series highlights some of the artists being exhibited on our Public Art Project “The Georgia FENCE” on the Atlanta BeltLine’s Westside trail. Every Tuesday at noon in October, check our Instagram live for a brief interview that will illuminate the stories behind these compelling photo projects and connect you with these exceptional local artists.)

Inspired by the experience of being one of the only people of color at nearly every rock show. After moving to Atlanta, I was thrilled to discover a local collective called Punk Black, which travels the country to put on shows that tap diverse rock and punk acts.

Punks of Color, is a glimpse into Punk Black’s world. These diptychs come from concerts in Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington DC.

About the Artist
Arvin Temkar is a writer and photographer in Atlanta, Georgia. The artist’s mission is to tell stories that examine complexity, tension, and hope in a multiracial, multiethnic America.

ACP Spotlight: Arvin Temkar

Online: Livestream Oct 06 12:00PM - 12:30PM