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ACP Special Exhibition: Picturing Justice

Featuring work by: Dustin Chambers, Aviel el-Shair, Stephanie Eley, Ellen Jacob, Kelly Jordan, Honey Lazar, Maria Isabel Leblanc, Natrice Miller, Tracy Bosworth Page, Gittel Price, Chris Reel

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The core of Legal Aid’s mission is to help low-income people navigate the complexities of the court system at the most vulnerable times in their lives. Legal Aid’s clients face evictions, health crises, foreclosure, domestic violence, education issues and consumer challenges that can only be solved with the help of a lawyer.

“Picturing Justice” is an annual exhibition that illuminates the human stories that live behind such common shorthand as "case", "client" or "issue" so we can better experience, empathize and advocate for the lives that are improved by this important work.

This year’s exhibition focuses on legal advocacy the areas of social justice as they may pertain to housing insecurity particularly in relation to health care and medical advocacy, caretaker rights and struggles, immigration policies, physical assault and domestic violence.

Commission by: Dustin Chambers (photographer) and Max Blau (writer)

There will be an in-person exhibition of Picturing Justice in 2021 (date/time TBD) at Atlanta Legal Aid, 54 Ellis St. NE, Atlanta, GA 30303