"Gilberta Leporati Lodi and her lost son, 1929, after Barbieri" © 2020 J. Carson Barnes
"Donna Franca Florio at 30, 1904, after Canonica" © 2019 J. Carson Barnes
"Carmela Zampori and the south wind, 1920, after Vedani" © 2020 J. Carson Barnes

Carson Barnes

Featuring work by: Carson Barnes

Online exhibition of most of the past five years' work. Portraits of women immortalized in stone and forgotten, brought to life digitally, with their histories; actual prints are available for sale, editions limited to twelve, most still have five or six available.

Online: Exhibition Sep 14 - Dec 31

Online gallery of lifelike portraits of women forgotten now, but whom were esteemed in their day enough to merit portraiture in marble or bronze. I've been working intensively on this project since 2014, there are a lot of portraits now, all ready to view; a couple of videos showing transformation from the stone sculptures I photographed into lively portrait prints of the subjects. Most were women of the nineteenth to early twentieth centuries. Seventy or so can be seen, each with a short précis of her story. Since I'm working with existing sculpted portraits, sculptors are credited except where I could find no signature as is sometimes the case in cemeteries.