Sheila Pree Bright, #ATLisReady (fist), from #1960Now series, 2016
Don Norris, False-Front Store (1892), Learned, Mississippi, 2007
David Simonton, Johnston County, NC, Taken: 1998

Documenting the South

Featuring work by: Phyllis Dooney, Hannah Israel , Andrea Morales, Don Norris, Julie Platner, Sheila Pree Bright, Eli Reed, David Simonton

Comprised of selections from The Do Good Fund’s permanent collection of Southern photography, Documenting the South presents portraits and landscapes from documentary photographers Sheila Pree Bright, Don Norris, Eli Reed, and David Simonton.

This Fall, The Do Good Fund will also host a series of virtual conversations around documentary photography, featuring Sheila Pree Bright, Julie Platner with Phyllis Dooney, Eli Reed, and Andrea Morales with Hannah Israel.

The exhibition is open by appointment on Tuesday/Thursday at The Do Good Fund Salon and Gallery in Columbus, GA. Contact to schedule a visit.

Online: Artist's Talk Sep 10 6:30 PM

Sheila Pree Bright in conversation with Alan Rothschild

Sheila Pree Bright will discuss her ongoing documentary work around the Black Lives Matter movement, with an emphasis on her #1960Now work in the current Do Good show, as well as her recent experiences photographing the BLM protests in Atlanta, GA.

The Do Good Fund's Alan Rothschild will host.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 01 6:30 PM

Julie Platner in conversation with Phyllis Dooney

Julie Platner is a photographer and filmmaker currently living in North Carolina. She has been documenting patriotic, white-nationalist fervor in the United States for over a decade. Observing and recording the spectacle of “true Americanism” across the country, her work reveals the banality found in extremism.

Fellow North Carolina-based artist and author of the 2017 photobook, Gravity is Stronger Here, Phyllis Dooney, will join in the conversation.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 29 6:30 PM

Eli Reed in conversation with Alan Rothschild

Magnum photographer and photojournalist, Eli Reed, will join The Do Good Fund's Alan Rothschild in a conversation about Reed’s Southern work in the current Do Good exhibition from his 2015 book, Eli Reed: A Long Walk Home, and his recent experience photographing George Floyd’s funeral in June.

Online: Artist's Talk Nov 05 7:30 PM

Andrea Morales in conversation with Hannah Israel

Peruvian-born documentary photographer, Andrea Morales, will discuss her work as a producer with the Southern Documentary Project at the University of Mississippi and her ongoing series, Roll Down Like Water, which addresses race, poverty, and protest in Memphis, TN.

Artist, Gallery Director, and Professor of Art at Columbus State University, Hannah Israel, will host.