Micah and Whitney Stansell, still from “Over the Bent World”
Okorie “Okcello” Johnson, still from “Stir Crazy”
Sara Santamaria, still from “Shifting Boundaries”

Flux Projects: Virtual Arts Series

Featuring work by: Anne Corbitt, William Downs, Okorie "Okcello" Johnson, Komansé Dance Theater, MEPTIK, Kirstin Mitchell, Sara Santamaria, Micah Stansell, Whitney Stansell

Through the Virtual Arts Series, Flux Projects commissions works specifically for the virtual realm by Atlanta artists from a variety of disciplines. Featuring video, music, dance, animation, and the written word, the projects range from exploring the artists’ experiences and emotions during quarantine, to the boundaries of cross-cultural identities, the global impact of the virus, and our shared humanity. 

For ten years Flux Projects has produced temporary public art projects that connect and grow artists and audiences in Atlanta through the creative power of place. The Virtual Arts Series was launched when COVID-19 began restricting our ability to gather publicly. Initially planned as a six-week initiative, the series has been extended into the foreseeable future.