M. Ryan Nabulsi
M. Ryan Nabulsi
M. Ryan Nabulsi

La Boue: Abstract Documents by M. Ryan Nabulsi

Featuring work by: M. Ryan Nabulsi

La Boue is an online exhibition of a selection of M. Ryan Nabulsi’s black and white abstract photography that documents the environmental changes of a wetland area over the past three years. These nontraditional documents seek to disrupt the narrative approach to documentary photography by employing abstraction as a method of archival. By flattening the perspective to create images reminiscent of abstract paintings, these photographs ask the viewer to look longer at details to uncover the depth and beauty of nature.

In addition to the online exhibition, there will be three printed editions that will be sold exclusively during the ACP Festival available for order from the website. These will be signed images, which will be shipped to you.

An online lecture will also take place via Zoom, September 26, 4PM.

Online: Exhibition Sep 22 - Oct 31

This exhibition represents a selection of 25 images from M. Ryan Nabulsi’s series, La Boue. The series explores the limitations of digital photography and human perception by documenting nature through abstract images. The series grew from a contemplative and meditative walk taken in a small wetland park. Over the years and many trips, I noticed the dramatic change in the wetland due to the weather. Heavy rains would flood the area giving life to diverse flora; on the other hand, during a drought the water would dry up only leaving the muddy swamp bed. As the landscape changed through the seasons, I began to relate the changes to perceptions of photography. Periods of rapid technological advancement followed by experimentation by artists or practitioners. And sometimes, a dry spell, where stagnation and lack of creativity reign. Furthermore, Villem Flusser’s ideas about the camera apparatus were knocking around in my head. Was it possible to make images outside of the program of the apparatus? I attempted to use only the apparatus to subvert itself by creating imagery that became wholly reliant to the referent but also dependent on the viewer’s perception. By obscuring the horizon, creating a flat plane and using the boardwalk as a frame, I wanted to capture compositions that were reminiscent of abstract paintings that allowed the viewer to play with interpretation. This selection is a small grouping of images that show the dramatic changes that this particular landscape undertook over the course of time.

Online: Artist's Talk Sep 26 4:00PM

M. Ryan Nabulsi will give an artist talk addressing his series, La Boue via Zoom. This lecture will also cover a brief description of Villem Flusser’s philosophy established in Towards a Philosophy of Photography and a brief history of abstract photography as told by Lyle Rexler in The Edge of Vision. Additionally, if you attend the lecture, you will be given a discount code for the print sale.