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©George Cannon
©George Cannon

The Colors of Burano, Photographs by George Cannon

Featuring work by: George Cannon

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An offering of images from the book, The Colors of Burano, by George Cannon.

Online: Exhibition Aug 29 - Dec 31

A portfolio of images from The Colors of Burano, Photographs by George Cannon (Imageguy Artbooks, Ithaca, NY).

The Colors of Burano is a selection of images from Burano, Italy, a small island community in the Venice lagoon. Once known for the magnificent lace produced there, it now is a colorful tourist stop of brightly colored buildings and residences. Quiet and secluded, I arrived on the first water taxi of the day. It had rained hard the day before and the umbrellas of the community were hanging out to dry. Laundry was on lines and the streets were fairly empty with the exception of the neighborhood cats. The air smelled of breakfast cooking and the bakery and the water. One should not visit Venice without a side excursion to Burano. It’s an enchanting spot that may disappear with rising seas.

The Colors of Burano is available in book form and soon in a limited-edition portfolio.

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