The Rains Down In Africa by Sam Dobrow
Versace Dreams by Sam Dobrow
Orient Expression by Sam Dobrow (100+ page 12" x 12" photo book)

The Surreal World of Sam Dobrow Photography

Featuring work by: Sam Dobrow

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Sam Dobrow is a contemporary photographic artist who lives and works in the artist village of Coconut Grove, Florida. In the digital darkroom, Sam continues to test the boundaries of photography. All of his artwork begins in the camera and evolves into images with intensely beautiful constructs amplified by his emotions and perceptions of the world and its inhabitants. Whether it is a street scene, portrait or figurative works, Sam captures beauty by presenting subjects shaped by light, framed by strong graphical elements, and emotionally supercharged by the thoughtful choice of color.

According to Sam, the art of photography begins with a feeling, followed by seeing through the camera with anticipation, and ultimately developing an image that speaks to that feeling.

Sam wants everyone to be able to experience his art and the healing it can bring. In recognition of the challenges we all face during this pandemic, Sam is offering a special collection of affordable fine art priced at $150/ea (with free shipping in the US). Visit his website and artist talks for more information.

Sam’s limited edition artwork is produced on modern media including giclée prints face mounted on acrylic, dye sublimation onto aluminum, mounted chromogenic prints, and archival-quality photo books.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 03 3:00PM

The Surreality Collection is an expanding body of work by Sam Dobrow where he pushes the limits of photography into the realm of digital art. Sam will discuss the origins of this body of work and its progression. Dobrow's work is recognized for its seemingly hallucinatory visions and energizing color schemes which he claims are inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh. He will present a selection of works from different portfolios in the collection contrasting the similarities and differences between the portfolios.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 03 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Sam Dobrow will discuss his COVID-19 collection of affordable fine art from his most recent journey to Tanzania, Africa where he visited several national parks including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, and Tarangire. Sam will explain how this special collection is sized to make framed fine art affordable to own and display.

Sam will offer registered participants the opportunity to order special productions of affordable art from all his collections during this talk. This offer will be available only during the event for registered participants.

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Online: Artist's Talk Oct 07 3PM

The works in Oceana portfolio form the foundation for Sam Dobrow's Surreality Collection. This body of work has been exhibited in several venues including New York and Miami as well as international venues including the Louvre, Paris, FR and Venice Biennale, Venice, IT. Images from Oceana were created mostly from night photographs of the art deco architecture along Miami Beach's Ocean Drive. Dobrow will discuss the evolution of these photographs and the unifying concept in the body of work.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 10 3:00PM

CUBA: Living Under The Shadow
Until recently, Sam Dobrow's portfolio "CUBA: Living Under The Shadow", has been living in the shadows. What has emerged is a powerful set of images portraying a society living in fear of an oppressive totalitarian regime. Dobrow's photographic style presents an allegory of oppression through the use of shadows and silhouettes. People in Dobrow's photographs appear to be hiding in plain sight. Previews of this portfolio have drawn accolades from Cuban immigrants and art aficionados. Join this presentation to see previously unreleased images from this powerful photostory.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 14 3:00PM

Scotland, Faith and Fortitude
Sam Dobrow's portfolio, "Scotland, Faith and Fortitude", presents his finest black and white landscape photography. The setting is the Isle of Skye and Scottish Highlands. Looking at these images of a vast, virtually undeveloped landscape, the viewer is taken back to the time when Vikings came to conquer the land.

This collection pays homage to the classic black and white photographers who practiced the Ansel Adam's zone system. Dobrow takes the beauty of black and white photography one step further by creating large format high resolution images. Using a 50MP camera, Dobrow stitches numerous images together in dramatic panoramas. These panoramas catch the eye from a hundred feet away and draw the viewer in for a closer look. As viewers gets closer, they are surrounded by a scene that evolves with increasing detail. Join Dobrow as he discusses the photos in this portfolio and gives participants a close up look at some of the details that could otherwise only be seen at an exhibition.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 17 3:00PM

Orient Expression
Sam Dobrow presents several of his cornerstone photographs from his 110+ page photobook, "Orient Expression: A Photographer's Journey to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam". Dobrow explains how his journey to Indochina evolved from a childhood fear of dying in The Vietnam War to becoming a passive observer of an ancient civilization that overcame war and embraced altruism. Dobrow's works include HDR images, panoramas, and infrared photographs all brought together with a signature post processing style.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 21 3:00PM

Join Sam Dobrow as he shares his portfolio of nature and wildlife photography from the Galapagos Islands. This portfolio brings us close up to many of the unique species from Darwin's primordial soup kitchen. This protected wilderness gives humans an amazing opportunity to get close up with animals. Without fear of humans, the animals become part of the landscape and occasionally engage in play with humans.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 21 4:00PM

Eat What You Kill
Sam Dobrow takes us to the indigenous live animal market in Otavalo, Ecuador. This market operates much today as it has for centuries. Farmers bring livestock to the market where it is sold for consumption. These compelling pictures capture the emotional drama of offering what may be family pets up for sale and slaughter. Inside the meat market, we get to see how various animals are prepared for consumption.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 24 3:00PM

Paris to Marrakech is about a journey from the modern, progressive culture of Paris France through Spain and Portugal and into Morocco. The journey overlapped with the month of Ramadan which provided a strong contrast between western and Islamic culture. Join Sam Dobrow as he shares with you the cultural journey he took with his youngest daughter, Jordan, upon her graduation from high school.

Online: Artist's Talk Oct 28 3:00PM

Navigating the Gallery
As a closing event, Sam Dobrow takes us on a tour of his online gallery highlighting how and where to find the portfolios he has presented in artist talks during ACP and his popular portfolios which are too edgy to show on YouTube.