© Rose M Barron
© Rose M Barron
© Rose M Barron and Sandee M. Chamberlain

“Welcome to My Yoniverse” curated and directed by Rose M Barron features photography and multimedia works honoring the divine feminine

378 Gallery

Featuring work by: Rose M Barron, Sandee M. Chamberlain, Terry Coffey, Katherine Hillis, Emma Lathem, Gary Pearce, Becky Shanks

"Welcome to my Yoniverse" is an exhibition, curated and directed by Rose M Barron, open September 4th through September 26th at 378 Gallery. The artists’ collective, Seven Sacred SiSTARS, was conceived in the spring of 2019 by Rose M Barron, Becky Shanks and emmagineering and has grown to seven participants as of to date. Exhibiting artists include Rose M Barron, emmagineering, Sandee M. Chamberlain, Terry Coffey, Katherine Suzanne Designs, Gary Pearce, and guest artist Jeanette Yen. Healing sounds by @sacredhumxn, Presents of Mind.

The Seven Sacred SiSTARS explore and honor ‘forgotten’ rituals of women/the feminine. Calibrating with the Earth Mother, the SiSTARS are interested in aligning with nature’s rhythms, and celebrating creation with photography, video works, paintings, sculpture, installation, sound, and participant participation; investigating gender and the attributed, assigned, associated female/feminine roles to create art that reveals the conflicting roles of the Goddess once revered.

In-Person: Exhibition Sep 04 - Sep 26

"Welcome to My Yoniverse" is intended to bring attention to the unconscious rebalancing of power structures between genders while learning about ourselves, embodying the feminine, and celebrating womanhood. Exhibited works include, paintings, photography, photography-based printmaking, video, sculptures, textiles and interactive installations.

Underwater photography by Rose M Barron explores water as the mother of being and preserver of life. Barron focuses on water as the bringer of life force energy, providing growth, clarity and nourishment. Rose explores themes of containment, dreams, emotions, fears, memory in her images of the female in water. Barron states, "Dive deep down below to regenerate and heal and resurface again. Water is healing and gives life...We are not drowning, we shall become one with nature and the universe and survive! I’m inspired by Kusama and her self-obliteration and loss of self-identity during these times, feeling connected through semi self- isolation with those like-minded"

In-Person: Artist’s Talk Sep 19 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Curator and artist talk with alchemical sound meditation @sacredhumxn, Presents of Mind. with social distancing outside the gallery. Please RSVP at 378artgallery@gmail.com 404-530-9277

378 Gallery

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